Saturday, December 5, 2009

WAG Field Trip. Yosuf Karsh

Yosuf Karsh image: Grey Owl

Archibald Belaney, or Grey Owl was writer and conservationist who moved to Canada from England when he was 17 years old. He dedicated much of his life to wildlife and forrest conservation as well as the preservation of native culture.

I chose this image because I was drawn to the dark moody feeling of the image. The shadow cast from his hat creates broody darken eyes and the light falling over his face accentuates the lines and texture of his face. I particularly like the line created from the brim of his hat, it causes my eye to move around his face. Also because it goes out of the frame my mind draws in the blanks created by the framing choices which I also really like. His face fills the frame well and the open space in the top right gives the image balance.

This image appears soft around the edges and where his hair is sitting on his shoulder. Which I'm not sure if it would of been done in camera or possibly in development. Also the open space appears quite bright which could of been due to pre flashing. He probably dodges the creases in his forehead and parts of the scarf. Possibly burning in the dark shadows under his chin and under the hat.

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