Thursday, November 26, 2009

CI Color Block.

I love colors!
I think they're wonderful.
And I've really been loving learning about them and the reasons we use them and how each one can make us feel differently.
I used some cupcakes from the cupcakery cause well they had some nice colors and I looooove cupcakes. Felt a little sick after, but so worth it... I think the cupcakes gave the pictures a fun feel which was created not just by the colors but by the subject. I had bright fun colors but I felt the fun, happy feeling wasn't only because of the colors but the subject. The icing could of been dark blue, red or orange and I feel like I would of felt the same. But maybe thats just me.
I do think and believe that the color has a huge impact on the feeling and mood of the image but maybe my subject just over powered that idea. In other attempts to 'happen' upon color (the cigarette package in the grass) I think the color created an interesting image where it would of been drab and boring.
Anyways... each color does give a different feeling or emotional response. I used mostly bright tones which I felt were happy, fun and energetic. Other colors could of given completely different feelings.

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