Tuesday, September 29, 2009

100 Creative Ways.

100 images... of only three pre selected items...
I was super happy with the items i choose. I was on my way home from school and saw Dollarama and thought I'd check out what they had. I wandered down each isle picking up items i thought might be fun. I found the flower first and well it caught my eye cause i wanted it for my room. The mirror I thought would be interesting for different angles and reflections. The pearls are something I've always been attracted to and I thought they complimented the flower and mirror. So they went together well which I felt made my pictures look more put together. All for only $3!! I think it would of been harder had I'd chosen a stuffed clown, a salt shaker and some socks...
It was difficult continually being creative. After I'd taken 25 pictures I thought I'd done at least 50. I'd say every 25 pictures I had to sit back, close my eyes and refocus. At 75 I really began to struggle!! Which was good. But ideas kept coming and I had a lot of fun with this assignment. Really! I'm not just saying it. haha It took more concentration than I'd imagined though. You really need to keep your mind on your subjects, also keeping in mind the different elements of composition we talked about in class. I had my items on a window sill in my room which provided really nice light, also I have beige lace curtains which gave me some natural framing which I think turned out really nice. I felt like after I'd concentrated so long on these items even more ideas for other shots with different items started coming to me. I took a picture of my old film camera with the pearls on it and its one of my favorite pictures I've taken all year. This assignment was definitely good for getting the creative juices flowing.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

DT2.1 Lines

At first when we were assigned this assignment, I thought lines? Easy! And in a way it is because there are lines all around us in everything. But after my week of classes... Techniques with Ross, Creative Imaging with Sarah, and Analogue with Tristan my mind started to get cluttered and full of all these other ideas. Sure I can take a picture of a building, but can i expose it properly? And yes I can take a picture of a bicycles spokes, but is it creative, or is it boring?? So this assignment did take me awhile but I think some of the images came out decent. But there is more to it than just snapping some photos. Sarah's exercises on free writing, clearing our minds and really seeing helped a lot. Also Tristan's Lecture on composition helped me to see how I wanted my photos to look. My 50mm lens is new to me so I had a lot of fun playing with different depth of fields and apertures. So I think it over all went well and I had a lot of fun doing it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

In Class Assignment.

Hi Kids,
My name is Andrea.
My favorite type of photography would have to be photojournalism. I enjoy capturing people in their everyday environment. I like pictures with depth and emotions.
Two things I'm very excited to learn are the darkroom and also using the Lightroom program, cause I've never done either before.
My favorite photo related memory was summer 2007 when I was working in the Northwest Territories and my friend Zach and I were out fishing and we saw the most AMAZING sunset I've ever seen. I only had my point and shoot but I snapped tons of pictures and a lot of them came out really great. I was very happy in that moment.

See you all next time...