Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Movie Week at PV.

Day one: Pecker.
I didn't particularly like this movie as a movie. I thought the plot was unrealistic and the comedic effect they were going for wasn't funny. I did however like the style of photography Pecker possessed. His ability to walk through his well known neighborhood and capture individuals and his surroundings came across easy and natural. He was referred to as a modern day Diane Arbis which was probably pretty close to what he was. He took pictures of anything and everything saying everything was art.

Day two: Born into Brothels.
I really enjoyed this movie. This is the type of photography I would like to pursue. I was really inspired by her desire to help these children and dedication to teaching them photography. I really liked that she used their photographs to show the world their lives, not so much her own. I'm sure she has many photos of her own but they focused on the children's work which is what it was about. Some of them were really talented and they captured life in a wonderful and playful way. I'm really excited her organization is still up and running trying to get other children out of the brothels. I want to look into it more and see what I can, or possibly us as a school.

Day three: Oh Brother, Where art Thou?
This movie I also really enjoyed. It was humorous and entertaining to watch. George did an amazing job. The brief movie we watched before made it that much better. It was neat to see how they made this film into a masterpiece. Once seeing that I noticed so much more in the color and mood of the film. I liked how they said they filmed the movie with no filters, or alterations during filming but did all the effects after digitally.